General Information


ALPENTAL races run Tuesday through Friday Nights: 7:30 to 9:30 PM

SUMMIT WEST races run Wednesday and Thursday Nights: 7:30 to 9:30 PM

Qualifying at both areas starts at 7:00 PM

We plan to run 7 weeks in a row - but there are no guarantees as weather may cause cancellations. We will continue to extend makeup weeks for cancellations as long as possible. Note: Racing can go as late as mid March as we may have to postpone racing due to weather. We'll just try and race until we get all our weeks in.

  • Teams need 6 racers, and may have 8-12 or more for alternates
  • Six people race each night of your league
  • Each night has a start list and pairings based on who is coming up that night

For more details go to: 'Information/How It Works'


Schedule - 2017/18 Season

  • Qualifying is the first week of January (Tue - Fri). After racing starts - you can continue to qualify new racers during weeks 2-4. (Qualifiers cannot race on the same night they qualify.)
  • Racing Starts the second week of January (Tue - Fri) and continues until we get 6 races in - or the mountain closes (whichever comes first).
  • We alternate weeks of SLOW to FAST, and FAST to SLOW.
    • - Week 1 Qualifying
    • - Week 2, Race 1 - SLOW to FAST
    • - Week 3, Race 2 - FAST to SLOW
    • - Week 4, Race 3 - SLOW to FAST
    • - Week 5, Race 4 - FAST to SLOW
    • - Week 6, Race 5 - SLOW to FAST
    • - Week 7, Race 6 - FAST to SLOW



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